Ökö As little

The quality of following pictures is really poor: mostly because of lack of light. But I should show the cat, yeah? And these are at first night here, without her mother.

This is really poor! But then ona can see easily, how extremely tiny the cat actually is!

As the food, she eats especially for kittens designed food. Or baby-formula. Which is going now!

Shoes! Anything for shoes! One cannot see the enthusiasm for those (they contain clearly some boogiemen).

This picture has been taken at mid-august 1998. It's here because one can see the belly-side of Ökö. And the most important colour there is really white. And something like gray comes then.

In the beginning she was in my lap. Because everything was so scary. But interesting, very...

One can see her size from this picture: extremely tiny! But one has to examine everything!

That thing is intended for sharpening of nails. But okay, one can use it for climbing. Required, that one is inventive enough. ...and small enough.

When I write this, the cat has noticed that my hands move in very inviting way. Attack!!!

Ökö wants to make everything as comfortable as possible. She thinks let people be stupid. Maybe after this there is some energy (yes, there was).

Weighting is quite important thing. Especially, because she gains weight in quite radical way. She gains weight about 100 grams a day: 10% of her weight.

This system works quite well.

I've bought some kind of "harness". But they are dependant of cat's co-operation...

Pussies are so interested in eveything, yes? So, this lovely pussy is very interested in this watering can - full of water. What we get? A very wet pussy...

Olli Arnberg <oar@arnberg.fi>

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