Olli in memoriam 17-May-2011

Ökö and Helmi at Summer Olli Arnberg

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I'm in pension because of my paralysis (yeah).
Maybe You are interested in my health. And who isn't interested... Then my flat might be interesting, too. And then maybe contacting me might be interesting. See my closest relatives!

These things happen every year. So, they are extremely important things in our culture.

Quite much rather special things have happened. Because of the very long time!

And my "normal" day is quite interesting. No not actually so interesting! But it gives some idea of my "normal" thing. My parents' home in Uusmäki, that's clearly very important place! Okay, here's the visit to bookstore. Then I do trips with my electric wheelchair. Hey, lectures in Otaniemi! Ari Mujunen does magical things to my computers. This WWW is done by Apache (I think). And analog makes a report of it, every morning at 10AM.

My new webcam looks out. Then here You can see nice temperature-plots.


How other people see Finland.

Here are some recipes.

Then there's a collection of various place near mine. I've taken several photos of those.  Here You can see them!

Not so official anymore...

You must be interested of my hobbies? Or something. By the way, my cats have their own homepages here.

There is a picture (really big!) of me by my computer table. My cat is in my lap (much more detailed description would be appropriate, but heck...:

Then explanations:

My computer system (adding a new computer there):

Then some info about my computers. Then I has some problems. My new Cilla-computer. It got a new operating system. Today it is Nilla. Now it was updated. But now I got the oko, my new laptop computer. Today the laptop is helium.  New Ruffe-server. Now my computers have UPS.

New files:

If I made a www-page, then I mark it with red. The date behind, means, when the page was done.

  1. Ice-hockey final (May 16th)
  2. Electronic peephole (May 14th)
  3. Mothers' day (May 10th)
  4. Wappu-party here (May 4th)
  5. Lithium-computer (May 4th)
  6. Wappu (May 4th)
  7. Preparing for Wappu (May 2nd)
  8. Snow is castrated (April 29th)
  9. Easter-page is ready now (April 26th)
  10. Snow and Ökö exhange opinions (April 26th)
  11. Good Friday (April 24th)
  12. Amateur theater groups (April 22nd)
  13. Easter eggs (April 20th)
  14. Easter starts; Parlamentary Elections (April 18th)
  15. Training Snow (April 14th)
  16. Pre-election (April 14th)
  17. Snow tries to sneak in a bag (April 7th)
  18. Snow and window (April 7th)
  19. Maalaismarkkinat & birthdays (April 5th)
  20. Sello & Celia (March 30th)

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