Ökös neutering

Ökö has been marking her environment with her piss. Not very much fun! And I've decided even before that, she should be neutered. So, May 12th, 1999 it finally happened.

Vet's assistant.

A small amount of fur should be removed naturally.

Two people doing that surgery! Vet and someone with anestethics.

Really small hole! Vet was Mari T Niskanen, by the way.


End of everything! Here are ovaries and uterus.

After the surgery Ökö was wrapped to some sort of sausage skin. That should make it hard to lick the wound.

Here's the thing in July 12th. If she would be totally in one color, then one wouldn't even notice it. But no!!  

Olli Arnberg <oar@arnberg.fi>

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