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I live in a one-room flat in Leppävaara. Size is 35.5 square-metres, So really quite good! The flat is located south, that big windows are to south. It gioves both positive and negative points:

My flat is in third floor. There isn't an elevator in the building. Sounds really odd place for paralyzed person. Well, there are reasons:

Then there are some pictures of my flat and some about it's environment.

My floorplan.

Pictures from my apartement

Some pictures, that hopefully give some idea about my flat.

My livingroom. Unusually clean picture of my livingroomn. Usually, it's like after a nuclear device.

Again a picture of my computers. They are on the end of my kitchen, but that's the best place of my flat!

Take a full turn. Then You can see, what nuclear strike looks like. That's my dining-table!

Then a picture of the part of kitchen, where the food is actually made.

"Made"! I use a miocrowave-owen. And that's that...

Time goes

Here you can see view from my balcony!

Date is 23rd April. No leaves and generally quite unpleasant!

May 14th. The situation is much better. There are nearly leaves! And weather is quite pleasant.

This picture is takes fairly soon after, May 21st. But changer are very drastic. The situation is different before and and afternoon!
Now there are leaves - lots of them! The picture has been taken on June, 6th 19h20. Then some data: temperature when taking the picture 22.6C, maximum temperature of the whole day 28.4C and then the minimum 7.6C. My balcony is really warm place! Rise-time for Sun 4h01 and set-time 22:37. And it doesn't set very low...

The longest day is on 21st June. The sun rises 0354 (summer time) and sets 2250 (guess, what time).
Situation in the beginning of August, to be exact 2nd day.

Now the long and painfull heat season has ended. I must admit, that not liking warm weather is considered a mortal sin here. But who cares! By the way, it's August 13th.
Here is the view 11th September. Usually we consider, that autumn starts at start of September. But this year! The temperature was just so high then. But luckily that lasted only a few days! Highest temperature today was 19.8C and lowest 11.1C.
And now the situation on the 26th September. Not much change to previous one! The tree (it's maple) is still green (maybe a little bit dull, but anyway). And maple is going to be quite spectacular in a moment! Lowest temperature was 5.2C and highest 15.6C. Colder than month ago! Days are shorter, too. Now the "middle" has been gone, the night is longer than the day.

First snow came November 6th. Really great thing! Every traffic-program says, this is so big surprice. But what kind of surprice is that? Bigger surprice would be if new show doesn't come! Highest temperature for that day was 1.6C. And lowest -1.5C. Not much change!

Next day snow started to melt. And it produced thick mist!

And day after that: no snow...

Roughly a week from first snow. Really depressing! No leaves in trees. Quite constant rain. And especially darkness. This picture has been taken 15h40. Now, 17h00, there is totally dark!

Olli Arnberg <>

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