"Peräpohjalainen sipulikastike"

That means something like onion sauce in North-Finnish style. Or something like that. Usually those dishes for some special region are quite hideous. We have some really horrific dishes, which contain blood or various parts of internal organs.

But this doesn't. And it's really delicious.

This recipe is from my father's mother. From Tervola (that's along the river Kemi). It was usually eaten during hay making time.

One boils new potatoes. One takes a little of their boiling-water (about the bottom of saucepan). One puts new onions there. Quite small chopped. And the tops, too (You can see that from the picture, all that green comes from there). A suitable amount is five onions and about a foot of tops.

That is boiled until it's quite cooked. Then comes the butter. About 50-70 grams (=2-2.5 oz) of it. Or more (in fact, a friend of mine suggested that one can skip onions and water...). Only melt the butter, nothing more. Then salt, quite lots of it. Something like 1-2 tsp.

That is eaten with new potatoes.

Warning: the recipe above is not recommended as a part of low-fat, low-sodium diet.

Olli Arnberg <oar@arnberg.fi>

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