Physical therapy

I visit this place for my physical therapy. Usually once a week, sometimes twice.

There works two therapists - and sometimes a student (the teaching-place is very near). They are specialized in paralyses, especially brain ones.

This page evolves all the time - I hope to better direction!

Here is my therapeut Anita Lagerqvist. Here we are scheduling future therapysessions. Notice, normally she doesn't have such idiotic expression in her face. Normally she looks just sane...

Other therapeut Raija Rajala. She does my physio occasiotanely.

Massaging and sometimes stretching is prepared this way by "warming" muscles. Under my shoulder is warm pillow.
Then the real thing starts. My right breast muscle (?) is really tight!

By the way, my therapeut said, that my arm is in unusually good position. Seems, that Käpylä did something!

This physical is done in a thick carpet on the floor. Therepeuts consider it as very big strain. I don't know, maybe it's so!

Here we are going to the floor. By the way, my therapeut is Raija this time.

Then a little reast during physio. I'm quite sure, that physio is much more efficient this way: without rest-pauses the complete efficiency would be very poor!

Stretching my legs is very important thing. But that doesn't make it pleasant! My face doesn't have so tortured expression in this picture...

By the way Raija Rajala was in turn that day.

Sometimes one can use such ball in therapy.

I could imagine, that children of my sistem would just love that. Bercause it's really big.
Quite essential part of the therapy is just walking, walking, walking.

We could walk outside (but not in that awful heat) during summer-time.

Before and after a therapy session, I just sit here. By the way, therapeutist said, that my head is in a very good position.

Then dressing. Therapeut said, that working with both hand is a "good" thing. Okay. maybe so.

Then Lumi visited the gym.

Olli Arnberg <>

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