My sauna

I'm really tired after sauna. Or relaxed.

Sauna (You know, that word "sauna" comes from our language) is extremely important for us in Finland.

Then quite special Christmas-sauna. Usually that's 24th, but not possiblr with me. I'm holding a 'vihta' (okay, someone call it with a name of 'vasta'). One whips oneself with it. That makes sweat to run fiercely. And quite nice flavour into the sauna.

Bu the way, Ökö was there...

According the old religion here in Finland, every sauna has an elf - quite friendly such. Ökö wants to be it!

Okey, on the other side, humans have finally done some good and usable invention.

Sauna-elf should get in. But obviously, that's just no problem with Ökö. She gets in quite rapidly. If she just wants...

This pyjama isn't so good. Because Mika Häkkinen is competing for F1 championship now I know, he won). And against Michael Schumacher. Who drives Ferrari. We have quite a frenzy here. If Scumi wins with dirty tricks, he is in mortal danger...

Helmi loves sauna, too. But she doesn't like people there.

Olli Arnberg <>

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