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One has very big difficulties to see me from that picture. But our climate is such: then there is extremely dark!

My address is:

Olli Arnberg
Rautakiskonkuja 5 C 32
02600 Espoo

The size of that place is quite great: 56 quadratmetres - nearly double of that in Postipuuntie! My wheelchair needs that space!

I live in 2nd floor (when the incoming floor has been named "K"). High enough, that Helmi wouldn't have sudden idea of jumping from balcony. Which appears to be totally incorrect: she jumped down. And Ökö did that, too.

Lift is quite essential thing for me! Okay, I must admit, that my wheelchair fits very tightly in the lift... But it fits!!

Balcony is extremely big! And it has (how should I explain it) "windows". That makes it usable time many months more (because winters are very cold in this country (and long, too)). And not so much dirt comes in.

Here in Finland, flats bigger than some size (and that size is extremely tiny (because people here are sauna-nerds)) have their own sauna. I have such in this flat... The "kiuas" is heated with electricity. Okay - wood would make better - but that's quite impossible!

Room plan


I think, that a link to my previous flat would be very useful!

This map shows local things. Just click a dot...

Maybe You have GoogleEarth? My coordinates are:

Then I made a small chart, when I took a picture from my window:

You can see pictures from certain month just by selecting it. Easy? May seems to be rather overcrowded. But that is month, when some big changes happen. And another reason for that, is the fact, that I like the month. Especially beginning of it is really lovely time: the leaves come and everything bursts into life! By the way, I've updated this at June 8th, 2001.

Installing Venetian blinds and washing windows.

Now intalling a net to my window.
Electronic peephole.

Olli Arnberg <>

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