Aunt Kaarina visiting

On May the 26th my aunt Kaarina visited here. That's special thing, because she lives in Norway. Actually she was visiting her mates in gardening school Lepaa (that place is located near Hämeenlinna, something like 100 km (probably less) north from here). But in the same tine, she managed to attend this.

Other persond there were my parents, my sister Anna, my cousin Heikki and naturally me. And then spouses. And kids. And cats...

Everybody knew, that I had a cat. But two cats, that was a surprise for most. But positive surprise.

Then a link to her next visit here.

My parents had made so many good things. One could say, that even too much! Because kids loved everything!

Legos ans new kitten seemed to be "on" now.

In very strong growing-phase a kid eats extremely much. Here goes a platefull of salmon-soup (my father makes extremely good).

Then some pictures. Quite small, but here are something. And better to have something than nothing!

After the meal, we went to my balcony. Thnere we had some dessert and much conversation.

My sister Anna tried to reach her husband Mika. But she didn't knew the phone-number. OK, cellular phones are very clever now, but not that clever!

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