Name Day of Pauli

In our calendar that's January 25th.

Version of year 2000

Pauli got a C-cassette player from me. Sounds great? Actually, it isn't. Because that's really old thing: something like 20 years.

He got a few cassettes containing stories of Röllipeikko. And he seems to love those stories.

Tuuli does something with memory-game. She really needs big Name Day parties, when her time comes.

Children-champagne. Which has just no alcohol and plenty of sugar. So, it actually doesn't remind actual champagne!

Tuuli drinks it. Or blows bubbles. Who knows!

And then, the obligatory picture of me...

My sister Anna (she is mother of those children) delivered the cake.

My mother and Tuuli eagerly waiting for the cake.

Why this picture is here? Because it's quality is really poor. But Pauli took it. Enough reason.

Tuuli is extremely flexible! I don't even think of such things; that hurts too much.

Year 2001

The "correct" day was Thursday. But it was really quite clear, that it isn't suitable day. But Sunday is. Okay, Ari would come in Saturday. Next I heard, it's going to be at Saturday afternoon! But everything turned out quite well.

Pauli got a knapsack (or is the correct word rucksack). He has started pre-school and needs it.

He got Italian hyper-bun, too.

Ari decorates it with sugar.

This mind-puzzle is clear torture!

Year 2007

Really quite beautiful weather. No clouds, nothing at all.

Pauli got gloves from my parents. Tuuli got some, too. My parent had been in Stockholm.

My sister Anna has trained really well her husband. He does really much food.

Usually this food has been made of reindeer (but this was moose). There are nearly no fat. This is why, some pork is used there. Because some fat is needed for the food.

Typically this is food of very northern Finland.

One has mashed potatoes with that.

I gave this machine to my sister Anna for Christmas present. It made really delicious stuff. Then it made some kind of "foam". That was really quite nice.

There was only one problem: it was much too slow!

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