Wappu 97

Idea of this page is telling something about our student-life. And, of course, May-day -97. That is called here as Vappu. Technology students use the form Wappu. So I use the later...

You can see next Wappu here.

Wappu is celebrated throughout world as 'work celebration'. But in Nordic countries that's for students, spring and love! Much more that than work.

Students have special kind of cap (look the picture). 'Normal' student-cap doesn't have that 'teasel' (and the cap is marginally (you cannot see the difference from this picture) different). Technology students have that with a 'tassel' (you can see that from the picture). We consider that as some kind of very precious thing...

Wappu is extremely important for students of technology ("Christmas is every year; Wappu only once an year"). As you know, technology students are highest beings in the Universe. The overall ranking is as follows:

  1. Technology students of Otaniemi
  4. Other technology students
  5. People without any student cap
  6. People with "normal" student caps

(By the way, I've studied in Otaniemi 8-). I know, that this kind of "ranking" makes very bad blood. But it's fact!

Then you have some explanations of Wappu -97.

In the eve of Wappu, we have a party by Olli Rinne.He has birthday then!

Here is the actual 'hero of the day'. He has some kind of cellular-phone-gadget on his head.

Here we have a small picture of Pasi Turtiainen. He has the student cap on (technology version, of course). Using-time for that cap is May 1st 00h00 to September 31st 24h00. Using-time for the "normal" student-cap is April 30th 18h00 to September 31st 24h00. We despice that...

Then to Ullanlinnanmäki. That's so early (09h00) but one can do it once an year...

There are so few women as technology students...

Everyone drinks very fine champagne in Ullanlinnanmäki (the bottle I hold costs about 100 USD!). Later one moves to lesser great brands and even to bubbly-wines.

Then the party is continued in my place.

You can see my sister Anna and Merja Tornikoski (she is Ph.D., by the way).

The student cap becomes yellow, when it's very old. And everyone appreciates that!

In the picture you can see my mother, my sister's daughter Tuuli, and my father.

Wappu is quite great festival to children (one haven't be a child to act liuke child). My sisters son (Pauli) tries to use a horn. Luckily he didn't succeed in that!

Olli Arnberg <oar@arnberg.fi>

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