I have lately go to swimming. My trainer in Käpyla showed the right technique for it. Mostly that thing keeps my head above water. And that's quite essential...

I go there with a specially equipped cab for handicapped persons. Going? In back first? Yes! That's the one and only way to go those stairs!

As You can see, architects are quite sorry bunch of idiots. And the more famous architect, the more bad designs are (s)he makes!

I have more pictures of the cab. So I put them into here!

My wheelchair is tied down to its place very tightly. And then I can have the seat-belt (it's that red thing) -. if I just want. And lately I wanted.

Before swimming one has to clean oneself quite well. Because that water is really warm: ideal place for all germs...

Then into the water!

I use Otaniemi hall. Pool is rather small there (I think 16 meters). Very reasonable thing, water is extremely warm (when I asked, it was 32C).

My father takes me there!

And then swim, swim, swim!

Last time for this spring. One can see all the greenness of trees. And the light!

After the swim, one has to empty the floater...

Relaxing is very essential thing. One really does much (=everything) with the "good" side. It gets very tired then!

Then something. Quite long time after previous texts (maybe an year or so). I brought my own floater. You see it from the pictures above. But it had a puncture-big one.

So, I used a similar floater from there.

I did "walking". The water gives buoyancy. And friction, too. Both are very helpful to me!

I tried swimming like before. But that didn't work. Because floater from swimming-hall doesn't give any support to my neck.

I had to try some (what's-the-word) breaststroke. But I had problems there, too. Because my hands and feet don't work "together". Either one works well. But not both. And then I drift heavily sideways. Reason is very simple: muscles in my other side are much stronger.

Here we (actually my father) fixes the floater. One puts a special "patch" to plastic.

If the hole is at "middle", then it's quite easy to repair. But typically it isn't.

This is the special wheelchair there. It can tolerate dampness.

This video (3 481 480 bytes) was taken in the Eve of Eve of Wappu. And whole Otaniemi was certainly getting ready for big party.

This swimming-thing is really important for me!

This video has been taken exactly year after above one. This style (a bit modified back-stroke) was shown to me at Synapsia.

I've got two video files- Though they are really huge! First (8 022 080 bytes) and another (9 229 336 bytes).

That swimming-style gives really high speed! But I cannot sustain such high speed long time. Then I'm really tired. And very ugly!

But then I'm very guilty! When I do something,I really do it. And that isn't very good thing!

Year 2004 the swimming season ended near beginning of May! Definitely not good, because this is the only place in here.

But then this guy (Esa Yletyinen) made some kind of "special course". Then the end was in June.

Olli Arnberg <oar@arnberg.fi>

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