My stay at Käpylä rehabilitation center at August 1999

You can jump to my previous trip there. And next time. I was assigned nearly whole August, days from 3rd to 30th. Hey a single Monday at the end. That sounds extremely stupid. And I've seen, that they are definitely not that.

But they were expecting me at Tuesday. Okay!

The most important thing there, is clearly my physiotherapy.

Here is a picture of my bed. It's that with green bedspread. Usually there's one person in a room (these wheelchairs take quite much space). And somehow yes in my case, too. Though one has to go through my room to get that other room.

Then picture of my telly.

Then a picture of my table. There are the essential things: a bottle of soda, and a picture of my cats.

And finally a picture of my bathroom.

My room is back there.

That picture was takes before the office. And here You can see the office.

We have tea & coffee (and sandwiches, naturally) in "day-room" for patients. By the way, this kind of thermos isn't good for me. Because one should have two hands to operate it. And I hardly have one.

There's telly & video-things.

Night nurses utilized it.

I had some extremely small scratch in my toe. But nurses got hilarious about it: at last something to do.


And then pulling at some another direction.

Occupational and Work Therapy

The main thing is doing usable things out of my hands. Mostly we do some handicraft things.

My therapeut looks my former visit there; it's WWW-pages. She was in those, too. Okay, color of hair was quite different.

She studies history now! More of that later (=very near to never).

There's another picture of her buying some meal-tickets.

Hey, I take pictures upside down. Bizarre. But that's easier for me.

By the way, sex-maniac-Olli likes likes better the pink dress.

This is the actual occupational therapist. She was having her summer vacation - nearly a month here.

Occupational therapist seems to be quite like...

Here we are training dexterity for my right hand. Therapist said, that she learns quite many interesting new curse words...

They had a testing-kitchen. And I'm making salad.

Here I'm making bird-feeding-system. Scratching sticks...

Quite near of beginning.

Now, I'm much nearer closing.

This is what the thing actually looks like. Old Finnish cottages looked like that.

Finally, I had to finish it with some kind of finishing against our weather. That's extremely hard thing (our weather, I mean)!


I had this therapeut in my previous trip. Then she had glasses, but not now.

Glasses now!


He does actually quite many things. My arriving-check (and that was really big one). Then he hosted meeting for my rehab-period. Here he is looking my hand, which had strange numb feelings.

At the end of my rehab, I had another doc (Jukka Turkka).

Social therapeut

She knows bureaucracy. Every kind of that.

Speech therapy

Time for speech therapy was clearly gone. So, we had just nothing to do.

Rehabilitation meeting

My thrapeuts have two meetings: one at the beginning of my period and then another at (guess) end.

My occupational therapeut looks quite stocky here? Yes! But that problem goes away after a short while...

Buildings there

Buildings are quite important here.Because our climate is such.

This kind of property near the very center of Helsinki must be rally expensive thing. Now, but Invalidiliitto has bought (if they have) that place nearly half century ago.

The buildings are connected through this corridor. I'm not certain, if that's glorious idea.. Or horrible mistake...

Kiosk. I get my afternoon-tea from there. Usually that's coffee and some bun. But I don't like coffee and I have diabetes.

And here I have it.

There's in picture Eppu. She was working with me, when I was first time there. Something like summer -90 or something like that.

Info (and telephone central) is there.

Another buyer is my occupational therapist.

There's some kind of library, too. Okay, I've got more books at my home. But I'm some kind of pervert in that way.

There were some nice magazines, too.

Dining is just so essential thing. And consumption of food is really quite staggering there.

Staff ate in another end of that hall.

And we ate at another end.

Directors had meeting, where we said any problems.


Our free-time is extremely important thing there. We have much everything.

Here we are just simply out. But it was so hot...

Visitors! That's so important thing. Here are my sister and her children.

Then I had party by Merja Tornikoski.

Instructors for free-time had organized a party.

Children of my sister were there, too.

Quite bunch there! Nearly everyone!!!

Then I should show some visitors. Here is by far the most frequent one: my father.

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