My balcony

And balcony before my moving.

My balcony at end of September. Normally balcony isn't usable then. Much too cold. But the glasses are quite magical!

Then some (extremely small) renovations to make this apartment suitable for handicapped person. Espoo city paid for that...

Ökö saw clearly: "this is my chair".

We Finns really love Donald Duck, not Mickey Mouse. And great duck-artists: like Carl Barks.

Cats are just like real idiots! They would just jump out and reach for a bird (or whatever). But then comes gravitation. And one goes down. That's why I have to keep everything very closed.

Until my neighbor Yrjö installed net (I call that idiot-net (because cats aren't really very smart)). Really nice thing. And with another net, it can produce really nice breeze.

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