My living room

Before my moving in.

Living-room. I sit in that chair and watch telly. By the way, Helmi doesn't voluntarily come to my lap - she was given to me.

But Ökö just loves watching telly with me. Of course, she doesn't actually watch it! But being in my lap, maybe some petting and such: heaven.

Naturally, the dignity of a cat doesn't allow that. But if Olli catches her? Then there is just no problem.

Now Olli has pajama on. And Ökö obviously enjoys this very humiliating position: Olli scratches belly. Who doesn't like that?

And there might be something interesting in telly. Soccer! Typical soccer-fan is only a small (okay, rather huge) bit dumber than cats...

But Olli hates soccer! So, belly-rubbing...

My computers. They are so important!

36" telly.


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