I was really desperate, when Helmi escaped. Really! Somehow I must fill that gap in my life. Ökö does that. I got it on May, the 3rd. I have thought a long time getting a second cat (several months or even years). And Helmi did came back on 4th. But here was a new cat already! Quite a shock! Look at both of them.

Then I have pictures of her as very little pussy. Then You surely want read, how she visited my parents' place in Uusmäki.

For a breed? Yeah, a cat... And gender? Female.

Here is big loadable picture of Ökö. Her age is an year plus something. By the way a flash shows her underhair, too.

Here's quite lovely portrait of her. It has been taken on September 18th, 1999. And You can see easily, that nor her hair is in very good shape. During summer it wasn't. But that didn't matter her.

Really quite nice paws! Her pads are nicely pink (actually we use very typically word "possunpunainen", which roughly means "pink as pig"). Cats act just like pigs: they keep themselves just tidy. But that is just enough!

All pads (and nose) are nicely pink. Except one. There the black (color of her back) reaches just one pad. And that's then pad (right front, by the way (this is left back)) is black! But these pink ones are so much nicer. Just look. And that white fur in middle!

Ökö has rather special type of fur. Cats for-coat has three layers. Top one is black (in some places white, naturally). But second layer is white (and third one has quite neglible meaning)!

Now is winter-time. So, Ökö has really thick top layer.

I think, this thing is called "smoke" in cat-shows. At least in Finland.

Olli works all the time with his computers. And what idea is about that? Because that isn't obviously so successful. Okay, that seems to be a picture of me - then that's good!

One should utilize computers in philosophical way; for instance I do it by laying on the scanner. I must admit, that it is very hard place...

Quite lousy picture. Maybe I replace it with better one. Or maybe not...

Ökö is very interested in gardening, too. Usually plants go to plant-heaven after her treatment...

Ökö playing with her favorite toy. Really eagerly - day and night!

And if no other suitable toy is found: then one uses the toy in back. Some idiots call it tail, but I don't; that's clearly a toy.


Then one has to sleep. And quite much! Seems, that there's old (near to 30 years) Snoopy-doll of Olli.

Taru Maamies visited Ökö June 1st. She wanted to see cat, when she is very small. But cats are extremely lovely, regardless of age. Though small kittens are extremely lovely.

Ökö acted in very cool way. And why not!

Then Ökö visited my gym! And again after roughly an year. Then at Autumn 2006.


Then clipping her nails. My cousin Heikki Hyötyniemi and his wife Sanna, thought that it's just so natural thing. In the beginning, I didn't thought so. But now I think, it's just so great thing. Her paws are so heavenly smooth!

The clipping was done so that Heikki took Ökö in his lap. And then Sanna clipped nails. Easy!

And Ökö screamed! That doesn't hurt a bit. But that humiliation!

Now we (my father and I) do the nail-clipping. Ökö lies on my lap and I hold her very tightly. Father takes one paw at time and cuts nails. What about Ökö, she might not like that. No!! She purrs! Okay, there are good reasons for that:

Click that big picture (or this) to see the real picture of my digital camera.

On July 20th, 1998, Ökö gave me quite a shock. She tried to escape from my balcony, but was hurt. Luckily, she'll probably be OK after couple of weeks.

She made me very worried!

Shoelaces! Yippee, a new toy!!!

Her face just before Christmas -98.

And then in a paper bag. Just so lovely thing. But the situation isn't so idyllic: that paper bag isn't very much that after a play...

So, I scolded her. And she went to my bedroom thinking: "Why Olli is now so mean?".

But no worries. After five seconds, she came back. And thought: "A Paper bag. Goody! Something to play with!". And that was just the same paper bag...


So, teaching a cat seems quite desperate task. "Cat learns, what it wants" or something wisdom like that..

My niece Tuuli really loves Ökö. And Ökö doesn't mind that. On the contrary.

She really drags Ökö everywhere!

Quite often, I go to bed after dinner. And I take quite often Ökö (Helmi knows the thing, she escapes) beside me. That makes quite a dilemma: the situation is so humiliating. But it's so nice, that someone rubs tummy.


At the end of February 1999 Ökö was in the heat. That was just so big burden to me: Ökö screamed and moaned throughout day and (especially) night, marking places with her piss, etc

Then a small story about balcony.

Neutering happened May 12th, 1999.

This computer-table is for sleeping. And Olli gets mad, when I tear some paper. That's the only thing for paper!

Ökö had really poor condition of her fur. At end of June -99. And she was quite slim. Vet guessed, that maybe she has worms. Maybe, yes.

She got cat-vitamins. And she liked them. That was clearly a candy, not any medicine.

My mother feeds her those lovely things. But only three. And Ökö wants more, much more!

Urinary problems.

Then a story (and very nice pictures) how both cats love to sleep in my bed.

Kids played with her.

Ökö seems to like sitting on my monitor. And that's just OK. But when her tail goes on the screen... The Venetian blinds are closed now. Spring-time.

Lovely basket. Cats really love such:

Even cats can understand, that birds out are not possible to catch. But one can look. And dream.

But one should take easy. And that cats can really do well.

Of course, mostly there are birds. But if one is really lucky, one can see this really delicious thing.

Ökö was with me in the walking area.

Then she watches telly with me.

When I go to my bedroom during daytime, Ökö starts to scream. Okay, not very badly, but anyway. And I don't understand reason for it. Probably she likes me being just around. Who knows...

Cats really hate closed doors. Just because they are closed. Ökö knows very well that this bedroom is out-of-bounds. But one has to try anyway.

Video about petting Ökö

Really extremely nice. But the problem is it's huge size (5 305 416 bytes).

Rubbing her belly One can easily see, that this is the one and only task for humans. This position isn't normal for cats. But Ökö has learned, that this is just OK. (4 661 060 bytes)

Petting Ököl (3 118 552 bytes)

She really needs leash.

I was at city. After that I took away my coat. Ökö went immediately and slept on it.

There is some kind of nice smell.

Olli has gone to his bed-room. Usually cats understand very well "personal area". But definitely not Ökö!

She starts to meoowing. And Olli answers (I don't really be so sure, if that's so good thing).

Ökö is really extremely happy (just like dog) when Olli finally comes out.

Of course Ökö doesn't require constant rubbing (although that would be really nice thing). She wants just me to be there. That's enough!

One just likes to think fairy talc by H C Andersen. "True Princess". Okay, here are only two pillows, not seven mattresses. And there isn't any pea. But there's a lot of cat-fur. Summer-fur is really much lighter.

Cat can really easily find nice places. Warm and soft!

Ökö has been naughty! As usually. But when I tried to tell that, she purrs. "Olli gives me his full attention. That's nice. I must do same thing again!"

Looks cruel? Surely it does! But Ökö decision is naturally the important thing. She thinks, it isn't. At least she purrs. It's so nice to get attention from Olli.

There's some philosophical reasoning:

This was really quite tiring, now some sleep.

Actually Ökö decided now, that this balloon is excellent toy. It had been here for two months. Now the helium had leaked away. Ceiling fan does give it very random moves. And cat naturally loves.

The night between Thursday April 20th (2006) and Friday Ökö was in stairway! I had really much then and Ökö just run away at some phase. Heaven knows, when!

Actually logic of cat helps now. Because she goes always up. And when door out is down there...

Neighbors rung my doorbell at 9AM. It takes some time (and a lot of effort) to get to the door. But eventually...

Neighbors explained the situation. Then I spoke something and Ökö heard that. Meow, meow, meow. Quite clear now! Another fetched Ökö. Because stairway was much too complex maze for her...

Okay, I must admit, that this photo is out of focus. But expression on Ökös face! That gives much. One sees hardly ever so pissed face! Obviously, she thinks, that's enough now!

Cats are really quite complex creatures. They have rather thick fur. But still they love hot places. Not like me. I really hate warmth, even quite mild.

Just think big cats, like lions. Those just lie in awful heat. But when heat goes away, the activity starts. Just like my cats (even Helmi gets some activity then).

Having two tornadoes...

I (Olli) have a personal assistant. I use him quite much for trips out. Those are really good for me (mostly for blood sugar balance)! Sometimes Ökö is with me in those trips. And very clearly Ökö enjoys:

Tongue outMy personal assistant managed to take this lovely picture of Ökö. With her cellular phone. That's why, the quality isn't so great. Ökö had forgot to take her tongue in. Just forgot.

Ai ihmettäUsually cats really hate water. At least Ökö doesn't love it. I make her wet, when she has been especially naughty. But although she loves to watch water. Why??  Because that obviously is very naughty stuff.

IhmeellistäThen she drinks from the water-jet. She puts her front paw into it. Then she licks it. Of course she has some "normal" water. But this is way more delicious.

Kivaa!!Now Ökö has learned to drink directly from faucet. I have a video of that (3 396 024 bytes). This is very nice way for Ökö. Because her paw keeps dry.Though just that was really cute! I'm there every evening. And Ökö obviously knows that.

Technology is nice!I have several digital frames. 10.1", 7", and this new 3.5" (and then my telly can do it with 46"). But this new can use memory cards of my camera. Extremely nice thing!

Aika kärsiväån näköinenHelmi is dead now. Ökö naturally doesn't understand it. But she understands, she is quite alone. And that isn't any nice thing! She wants into bedroom to sleep with me. And if she manages to slip into my bedroom, I can't get her out. She goes under my bed. I can't get her out from there.
When I go from my wheelchair to my bed, she feel quite safe. Then she wants really "hard" stroking. But obviously that isn't hard because she just purrs!

Krooh, pyyhThen she goes from my bed to my wheelchair. That's very nice place to sleep. Because she can easily see, if I want to pet her even more. Enough is enough!

Äkkiuä poisAt morning she wants to get out. After this horrible prison-sentence, she wants out! Though cats have quite perverse attitude towards closed doors: immediately there.

Snow and Ökö.

Ökö??? What's that? Why? And how I pronounce it?

It came from my niece Tuuli (originally I thought that my nephew Pauli gave the name). Actually that "Ökö" doesn't mean anything. A neighbor had a cat, named "Mökö". My niece calls that "Ökö". What she does, when there is a cat named so??

The pronunciation is harder thing! That 'Ö'! Hmm. It's pronounced like 'a' in 'a tiger'.

Olli Arnberg <oar@arnberg.fi>

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