Going out

I got a personal assistant obviously main use would be going out for walk. Actually this thing is really good for my diabetes. Actually sometimes my blood-sugar gets way too low. But I have taught them to notice it (and one clear symptom is, that I don't think so). And act to it.

In the beginning it was Hindrek Eiskop.

Then it was Veijo Holopainen:

Now my assistant is Susanna (she prefers name "Suski") Raunio:

Nina SärkilahtiThen it was Nina Särkilahti

That movie was much about Illuminati-brotherhood. This picture is somehow suitable here...Sini MaunulaMy new personal assistant is Sini Maunula:

Sini quitted. So I have to use someone else. Maybe my father.

Krista RautiainenNow I got Krista Rautiainen for the job:

Helena Toikka

Now my personal assistant is Helena Toikka:

Olli Arnberg <oar@arnberg.fi>

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